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TEAMS Mathematics Pre- and Post-Tests

Grades 1-2, Algebra & Functions for Primary Grades

TEAMS provides testing materials for every mathematics module. At the 1-2 level the teacher reads the test item to students. It is important that students have the necessary materials to complete assessments successfully. First grade students may need two sessions to complete the test.

 Using TEAMS assessment tools

You will need QuickTime 6 or higher to view the videos at this site.


Administering Tests:
For this level, teachers need to read the problem to students, allow students an adequate amount of time to record their solutions, and make sure that students are clearly understanding directions.
 Administering pre and post-tests

You will need QuickTime 6 or higher to view the videos at this site.


Test Materials:

Manipulatives are not required, but make sure students have manipulatives available to help them solve the problems. Color tiles, disks, or cubes can help stuents visualize concepts.


For this test, you will read the directions to the students. Be sure to prepare students for taking pre-tests. Encourage them to do their best, but let them know the test is to let you know what to teach.


Test Format & Scoring:
Not all test items follow the same format. Students are asked to complete a pattern, build a pattern, write about a problem or fill in what's missing.


For Problem #1 Teacher reads:
Put your finger on number 1. Look at the equation. What number goes in the box? Fill in the bubble next to your answer.


For Problem #2 Teacher reads:
Move down to number 2. Listen carefully as I read. You will be asked to write an equation to solve the problem. There are 9 kittens playing. Some of the kittens climb into a box to take a nap. There are 5 kittens left playing. How many kittens are in the box? Write an equation to show how to solve it.
Using the answer key & scoring guide

You will need QuickTime 6 or higher to view the videos at this site.


TEAMS Programming is produced at the Los Angeles County Office of Education.

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