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Quadrilateral Quest

Do you know their properties?

The Task

Students assess their skill at matching quadrilaterals with their properties. They select the one figure that DOES NOT satisfy each of the set of properties and check their answers.



  • Read the properties of each "Quest" carefully.
  • In each quest, select the one figure that does NOT satisfy the set of properties.
  • If you do not know what a term means, click on the word to see the definition in the glossary.
  • If correct, you can move to the next Quest.
  • If you are not correct, read the explanation carefully, and try again.
  • When you feel that you have mastered all the properties and can match the quadrilaterals and their properties with 100% accuracy, take the Quadrilateral Quiz. Your answers will be sent to Jeannie, and if you get them all right, your name will be entered in the Quadrilateral Quest Hall of Fame!



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