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Build a Shape with Tangrams

The Task:

The three different polygons found in Tangram shapes are right triangles, a square, and a parallelogram. The objective of this puzzle is to fit the different pieces together so that they form the same shape as the examples. (Sorry, this puzzle requires a Java-enabled browser.)


Read through or print out these instructions before starting the Java puzzle window.
Have a real set of tangrams handy!

  1. Click on the colored square to the right, this launches the Java Puzzle Window.
  2. When the Java window opens, click the "Begin button.
  3. Choose one of the examples to reproduce with the tangrams. Cycle through the different patterns by clicking on the "<<" or ">>" buttons to see all the examples.
  4. Once you choose a pattern, drag each tangram piece to the center of the puzzle area, and place it to form the pattern. You may need to rotate and flip the pieces, depending on the example you choose.
  5. The puzzles are harder than they look, so be ready to use your best problem solving skills!

If you can create at least five of the shapes, you are a Champion Tangram Shape Builder!

To rotate a tangram:

PC - Right click and hold your mouse button.

Mac - Click the mouse, while holding down the command key.

To flip the parallelogram - double click.


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