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California Mathematics Standards

California Mathematics Standards

Links to adopted core academic content standards in the areas of English-language arts, mathematics, history-social studies and science.

General Geometry Resources


Interactive Mathematics

Puzzle Parlor

Twelve interactive online games from the puzzle makers at Kadon Enterprises, Inc. designed to give students practice with problem solving skills using mathematical and spatial sense intelligence.

Virtual Polyhedra

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Math Forum - Tangrams

This math unit on tangrams was created by Tom Scavo for the Math Forum at Swarthmore University.

Picture This: Tangram for Kids

Have some fun with tangrams.


Tangrams are an ancient Chinese puzzle, consisting of 7 geometric shapes. This site includes some history as well as patterns and directions for making a set.

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Comments from Tessellators

Read the comments from parents, educators, and students on using tessllations to teach geometry.

How to Make a Tessellation

Instructions for making a tesselation and resource list of information on M.C.Escher.

Hyperbolic Tessellations

Advanced students may enjoy this page on tesselations of the hyperbolic plane by David E. Joyce.

Investigating Tessellations

This activity using pattern blocks is provided by Suzanne Alejandre for the Math Forum at Swarthmore University.

Perplexing Pentagons

Investigate some characteristics of pentagons and see which tessellate.

Quadrilateral Tessellation

How can a quadrilateral always tessellate?

Student Tessellations

Examples of student tessellation projects.

Symmetry and Tessellations

Lessons and activities on patterns using symmetry and tessellations.

Terrific Tessellations

Lessons and resources for teaching and learning about tessellations.


To tessellate is to cover an area without leaving any gaps or overlapping.

Learn about tessellations through lessons and solutions. Check out the art of Dr. Robert Fathauer and examine his encyclopedia of fractal tilings.

Tessellations to Create with ClarisWorks

This page gives directions for using ClarisWorks software on the computer to create tessellations. Student work from Highland Park Elementary School is included.

Tessellations Tutorial

Tutorials and templates for making your own tessellations by Suzanne Alejandre.

Triangle Tessellation

How does a triangle always tessellate?

Totally Tessellated

Explore the history of tessellations, essentials, use in mosaics and tiles, the artist, MC Escher, designs and patterns, and more.

Virtual Manipulatives: Tessellations

Create your own tessellated designs using pattern blocks.

Wallpaper Groups

David E. Joyce created this page to illustrate planar repeating patterns. In fact, the actual pattern isn't always as interesting as the symmetries of the pattern.

What is a Tessellation?

An explanation of using regular polygons to form tessellations.

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Escher Patterns

This site offers beautiful Escher patterns and links to related sites.

Mathematical Art of MC Escher

Biographical sketch presented by Platonic Realms.

M.C. Escher: Artist or Mathematician?

This page was created by students as part of a ThinkQuest contest. It contains information on Escher's life, tessellations, images, and links to related sites.

The World of Escher

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Alex Bateman's Origami Page

Find some nice examples of origami tessellations.

A Paper Folding Project

Step-by-step directions to create a paper sculpture.

How to Make an Origami Crane

Simple, illustrated instructions for making a paper crane.

Jasper's Origami Primer

A guide to folding several different sculptures, from simple to complex levels of difficulty.

Joseph Wu's Origami Photo Page

A wonderful resource page on the art of origami.


The Japanese art of folding and cutting paper is recreated using virtual paper and a JAVA-capable browser.

Origami as Gifts

If you like arts and crafts, check out these fun resources to make lots of cool origami creations. Thanks to the students at Brighter Futures Charter Schools for sharing this link.

Origami Diagrams on the Web

Includes many classic designs including techniques for the simple models to the complex.

Origami Help for Beginners

Learn the folding symbols and written instructions so you can follow directions.

Origami and Math

Find out the educational benefits of the art of paperfolding in math class. See how origami relates to topology, geometry, Kawasaki’s Theorem, and more.

Origami: Pieces 'N Creases

A ThinkQuest Junior award winner, you will find designs, origami history, terms, symbols, tips, uses, poems, and other fun activities.

Origami USA

Includes model diagrams, puzzles, conferences and workshops, origami resources, and more.

Eric Anderson's origami site includes insects, dinosaurs, origami history and math and well as many other patterns of origami designs.

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Building Polyhedra Project

Students build their own polyhedron and write a report.

Naming Polygons and Polyhedra

Find out what to call an 11- sided or a 14- sided figure from Dr. Math at the Math Forum.

Polygon Playground

Create colorful pictures using varied polygonal shapes using this applet from MathCats.


A definition and some activities using polyhedra, provided by Swarthmore University's Math Forum.

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Just for Fun

Apple Pie Slicing

A fun geometry activity from Aims Education Foundation.

Interactive Mathematics

The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives from Utah State University presents these online manipulatives to enhance student learning. They are indexed by math topic and grade level.

Line Symmetry

Numerous examples that explore symmetry in many forms.

Puzzle Parlor

Twelve interactive online games from the puzzle makers at Kadon Enterprises, Inc. designed to give students practice with problem solving skills using mathematical and spatial sense intelligence.


Learn about reflection and rotation symmetry from this BBC Revision Bite.

Tour of Symmetry Groups

Explore types of symmetry including translation, reflection, glide reflection, halfturn, and combination.

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Paper Cutting

Papel Picado is an art form from Mexico, but it is found in other countries, such as China and Japan, as well. The mathematics of symmetry is often involved in this art form. Not all creations are symmetrical, but the patterns that will be used in this module are symmetrical in nature. Here are some links to more information on paper cutting.

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