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"Hang Time" - A Paper Airplane Contest
Elementary 5 - 6
Will Your Airplane Have the Best Hang Time?


  • Each student or group folds an airplane using the design rules (below).
  • The classroom teacher holds a "fly-off" (preferably indoors) to determing the 1st place plane in the class.
  • Red PlaneOnce the class's 1st place plane is determined, encourage a "Fly-Off" to be held for an entire grade level, or even the entire school.

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Design Rules:Purple Plane

  • Students use only regular 8-1/2" x 11" paper (recycled is preferable).
  • No tape, clips, or stables can be used.
  • No cuts are allowed in the design of the
    airplane; paper must remain intact.

Plane Crashing! Running the Fly-Off:

Celebrate the event by holding it outside so students can watch. all airplanes are flown and the "Hang Time" (or time that the plane stays in the air) should be documented.

Offer a certificate of participation for all students, and save a special prize for the top winner. Have fun!

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