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Each place on earth has a "personality," that is, something that makes it special or unique. Physical features, such as lakes, islands, peninsulas, and gulfs, are part of what makes a place unique.

The Task

Students examine a variety of geographic features and see if they can match them with their names. Once they know the names of all the features, they are ready to take the Geographic Features Quiz. Contributed by Linda Weissler of Welby Way Elementary School-LAUSD.



  1. Examine the geographic feature shown in each picture. Observe the unique pattern of land and water.
  2. Next, examine the two names of geographic features below the picture. Which is the correct name for the one in the picture?
  3. Click on the name that you feel is the correct answer, and find out if you are right! Be sure to read through all the information to help you learn all ten of the geographic features names included in the activity.
  4. When you have worked through all the features and know their names, take the Geographic Features Quiz to send your answers to Angie and be entered in the Geographers Hall of Fame.
Teacher Background Information

Learning the geographical features of the earth helps students study the physical location of a place. The relative location of a place on the Earth's surface can be identified by how it relates or is connected to another place. Knowledge of geographical features can make locating a place in the world much easier.

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