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Acceptable Use Policies and Related Information

Acceptable Use Policies - Armadillo WWW Server

The Armadillo WWW Server offers links relating to the appropriate use of the Internet to help educators in developing policies for student access.

Charlotte Mecklenburg's Acceptable Use Policy

Download a copy of the goals, rules, and regulations of CMS.

Develop an Internet Use Policy

The Internet Advocate offers guidelines in developing school and library Internet use policies with sources for templates and links to essays on protecting children. There are also numerous examples of schools and libraries with existing Internet use policies.

The Internet Advocate

A Web-based Resource Guide for Librarians and Educators interested in providing youth access to the Internet. Contains many essays and articles supporting the educational use of Internet resources with ideas for counteracting the negative publicity sometimes given to the Internet.

Washington School's Internet Rules

Bellingham Public Schools offers information on policies, procedures, rules and sanctions that they have developed for their district.

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