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Links To Weather Resources and Experts

Here are some weather links to a variety of useful information--everything from interactive weather maps to infrared satellite photos!

Weather Resources
Ask a Weather Expert

Weather Resources

General Weather Resources

The Daily Planet

Find information on meteorology, satellite images, hurricane tracking and lessons on El-Nino, atmospheric pressure, forces and winds, and much more!

Florida Explores!

Supports both direct readout and Internet weather data.

Facility for Ocean/Atmospheric Modeling and Visualization

Explores the role of coupling between the oceans and atmosphere in Global Climate Change. Provided by the North Carolina State University.


ScienceMaster brings us an extensive gallery of lightning photographs..

Live Weather Information

Current weather images, forecast maps, satellite images, water data, dopplar radar, and surf and aviation information.

Meteorology and Weather

Information on clouds and precipitation, El Nino, forces and winds, how to read weather maps, and learn to forecast the weather.

NASA-Goddard Climate and Radiation Branch

Information on aerosols, clouds, modeling, rainfall, remote sensing, related NASA projects, and more.

National Weather Service

Direct access to official U.S. weather product information and observations. Includes access to 12, and 24 hour forecasts, as well as 7 day forecasts, with storm predictions.

The NOAA Weather Page

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration brings us this page with links to spaceflight images showing nighttime lights of the world, hurricanes and tropical storms, and other weather services.

Online Guides to Meteorology University of Illinois

Web-based instructional modules including light and optics, clouds and precipitation, forces and winds, air masses and fronts, weather forecasting, severe storms, hurricanes, El Nino, and the hydrologic cycle.

Quick Weather Links

A collection of links from Mike "Lew" Lamar.

Science Now!

An archive of issues of the Science Now newsletter featuring information on weather and related issues.

UM Weather

Access to thousands of forecasts, images, and a large collection of weather links presented by the Weather Underground at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor.


Weather highlights from around the globe, current weather summary, storm research, wind chill and how it works, and much more.

The Weather Channel

Learn about weather with the experts, check out the storm watch throughout the U.S., and read the top weather stories.

Weather & Climate

Institute of Global Environment and Society and the Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies present weather forecasts, climate outlooks, storm information, and El Nino forecasts at this site.

Weather Dude

Nick Walker hosts this site especially for kids, parents, and teachers. Check out the weather songs, the online book about weather, favorite weather books, and even grant info for teachers and their classrooms.

Weather Glossary

Vocabulary terms used by meterologists, forecasters, weather observers, and in weather forecasts compiled from several sources.

Weather Hub

International weather searchable by continent or country name, as well as forecasts for an extensive list of U.S. cities.


Includes a weather question and answer, information on tropical and local weather, raw meteorological data, links to other weather sites, and "Weatherboy Online".

The Weather Underground

Click on map for current conditions and forecasts including temperature, humidity, and barometric readings.

Weather Wiz Kids

Join meteorologist Crystal Wicker for the latest in weather experiments, safety, folklore, puzzles, jokes, and more. Discover the Comfort Zone, take the Weather Wiz Kids Quiz and explore weather around the world.


Current conditions, narrative forecasts and special weather statements from the National Weather Service for cities around the U.S.

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Ask A Weather Expert

Ask the Weatherman

These questions go to Dan Baumgardt for answers.

The Weather Dude Answers Your Questions!

Follow these rules to submit a question to Nick Walker, the Weather Dude.

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