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Recommended Reading About the Internet

Here are some books about telecommunications, the Internet, and the World Wide Web to help you and your students learn to navigate a variety of electronic resources as efficiently as possible.

Recommended Reading List

Information on Using Technology in the Classroom

Follow these links to helpful information on various aspects of using technology effectively in the classroom.

10 Big Myths About Copyright Explained

Brad Templeton explains the truth about some copyright issues you may have had concerns about.

Acceptable Use Policies

Find examples of acceptable use policies from many different sources.

A Brief Intro to Copyright

Brad Templeton provides an explanation of the basics of copyright to help educators understand the laws.

CEO Forum on Education and Technology

The Forum issues an annual assessment of the nation's progress toward integrating technology into American classrooms through the year 2000.

Copyright Issues

A collection of links to copyright information on a variety of technologies.

Cybercheats: Plagiarism and Cheating in the Internet Era

Steve Garwood has prepared a slide show to explain the challenges educators face along with ideas for combating plagiarism.

Evaluating Information Found On The Internet

Basic criteria for evaluating all forms of information, as well as how to cite electronic information.

Filtering Software
Information and demonstration copies of popular filtering software programs to help protect students from inappropriate materials on the Internet.

Gayle's Tutorial on Fair Use in the TEAMS K-12 Digital Classroom

Here you will find a pretest which encourages dialogue among colleagues about copyright issues and a tutorial which should help make Fair Use a little clearer.

Internet Research: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Faculty workshop on detecting and preventing high-tech plagiarism as well as evaluating the Internet resources.

K-12 Web Publishing Policies

Pekin School District #108 provides a collection of links, resources and policies related to the ethical and legal issues in K-12 web publishing.

Kids Safety on the Internet

Questions and Answers to help kids protect themselves and handle emergencies.

Learning the Web

A tutorial that builds an understanding of Internet basics such as: how to use a web browser, buttons, bookmarks and more.

Learning More About the Web

Additional information on downloading information, saving files, text and images, copyright, graphics and filtering software.


This service assists educators in detecting academic dishonesty. It will search over 1.3 billion pages, analyzing student work for originality, then generating a comprehensive report in less than 12 hours for a price.

National Education Technology Standards for Students

The National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) Project is an International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) initiative.

Paper-writing Services: check these sources where students might get already-written papers:

The New Plagiarism: Seven Antidotes to Prevent Highway Robbery in an Electronic Age

Jamie McKenzie provides 7 strategies to help prevent students from completing research reports by cutting and pasting.

Reinventing Schools: The Technology is Now!

A publication discussing the role of technology in K-12 education.

Using the Internet As an Effective Teaching Tool

TechKnoQuest provides information from a course by Kevin Davies to give you ideas for incorporating the internet effectively in your classroom.

Tech-Learning for Educators

An online publishing center and forum for the K-12 community to read, write, and talk about educational technology.

Webquest 101 - Putting Discovery Into the Curriculum

A tutorial from Teacher's First that prepares teachers to create Webquests Internet activities for students. To find site, scroll to the chart near the bottom of the page to Technical Resources.

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