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Kid Pages

The Adventures of Herman

Learn all about worms from your friendly host, Squirmin' Herman, the worm. Find out about a worm's history, anatomy, life habits, etc. along with lots of links for more information.


A kid's site with quizzes, games, and stories sponsored by Sony, Friends of the Environment Foundation and Stentor.

EPA Explorer's Club

Games, art projects, stories, pictures, and facts about environmental issues.

EPA Global Warming Kids Site

Students are invited to look at issues surrounding global warming.

Fish Gallery and Quizzes

Check the photos of fish common to the Caribbean, the California coast, and the Western US coast including Canada, then take quizzes to see what you remember.

How You Can Help

World Wildlife Fund kids page includes quizzes, educational information, interactive games, the "Pennies for the Planet" Student Newsletter, and a homework helper.

Kids Page- National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Explores the impact of the environment on health and encourages interest in health- and science-related careers. Games, riddles, science puzzles, and on-line coloring; news on environmental topics; career profiles.

Kids Page from the Office of Water

Check out the Masterpiece Theater, discover what's wrong in the scene, and find out how you can help clean up the water in your environment.

Kids Corner

Kids Corner from the Groundwater Foundation can help you find out what groundwater is and how you can protect it.

Kid's Planet

A kid's page containing fact sheets of animals from around the world, interactive games, endangered species coloring pages, and more from Defender's of Wildlife.

Ranger Rick's Kid Zone

Stories, facts, and puzzles from the World Wildlife Federation.

Splash Zone for Kids

Monterey Bay Aquarium provides an interactive site to learn about coral reef and rocky shore habitats. Create a tide pool, or find out which marine creatures crunch, nibble, gulp, or bite.

Water Cycle at Work

See how a drop moves through the water cycle.

Whose Track is Whose?

Learn to read the clues found in animal tracks to find out what critter passed by and even what they might have been doing.

Worm World

All about worms and how they recycle. Find out about how to make your own worm composting bins. Watch a worm being born on video!

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