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Lesson Plans

Animal Adaptations

Scholastic and Dirtmeister's science reporters bring us a unit investigating how animals develop certain traits and behaviors over time due to their environment.

Basic Lessons on Insects

Three lessons include: "Millions of Bugs", "A Bug's Life", and "Bug-Catcher's Safari" brought to you by the Young Entomologist Society. Each includes interesting facts all students should become familiar with as well as projects and activities to involve them in the learning process. Discussion questions and assessment ideas are included in the lessons.


Provides links for teachers, students, parents, K-12 educational materials, lesson plans, and professional development opportunities.

Classroom Feeder Watch

This is a project designed to help students learn to observe, collect and analyze data, and come to conclusions about birds in their local area.

Ecosystems: Lesson Plans and Student Resources

A wealth of teacher and student classroom resources from the Kentucky Department of Education.

Environment lesson plans for Earth Day

Trees, environment, Earth Day, composting, pollution, recycling, etc.

Environmental Unit for 4th Grade

This unit focuses on prevention, reduction and reuse. Learning activities are described for identifying environmental concepts, needs vs. wants, and looking at school and classroom waste. Also includes a waste management mini unit.

Explore Nature in your Neighborhood

Prepare for National Wildlife Week (April 19- 25, 2004) using these ideas from the National Wildlife Federation.

Food Web

Oceanlink challenges students in this activity encouraging them to draw a food web from given marine creatures.

The Fragile Fringe

A PDF guide for teaching about coastal wetlands from USGS Biological Resources.

The Great Kapok Tree Lesson

Using the book by Lynne Cherry, this lesson includes a fun multi-age activity to investigate interdependence in a rainforest ecosystem.

Habitats/ Biomes/Ecosystems Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan Search presents a variety of classroom ideas exploring various environments.

Kids PlanIt

An online ecological lesson appears at this site from the Thorne Ecological Institute. Check out the information on timberlines.

Litter Detectives

A unit designed to teach students about littering and ways to reduce the problem.

Live from the Rainforest

Take a virtual tour through the rainforest geosystems and ecosystems. Included are lesson plans with a teacher's guide and assessment information.

Natural Resources, the Environment, and Ecosystems

From the University of Illinois' Urban Programs Resource Network come 6 lessons with teacher guides complete with background materials, projects, and activities.

New World Publication's Marine Life Learning Center

A fine collection of actual photographs and lesson plans of fish and reef inhabitants.

Ocean Planet

Interdisciplinary Marine Science activities from the Smithsonian Institution. Includes six lesson plans on plants and animals that live in different ecosystems.

Ozone Action! Teachers' Resource Kits

Ozone Action! provides a downloadable teacher resource kit for different grade levels.

Project Wet's Incredible Journey

Students discover how water moves through the water cycle in this centers-based activity using large hand-labeled dice.

Rain Forest Lesson Plan Links

TeAch-nology provides these resources and worksheets for teaching about the rainforest.

Seaworld Adventure Parks

Teacher guides are available online including: Animals Abound, Diversity of Life, Flight for Survival, Ocean Olympians, Ocean Friends, Orcas, Seals, Sea Lions and Walruses, Saving our Seas, Seaworld Physics, Whales, and Water.

The Topic: Wetlands

Explore vocabulary, WebQuests, and many varied Web sites and resources on wetland ecosystems.

Turning the Tide on Trash

A unit guide on marine debris with student activities, vocabulary work, and materials lists.

Web of Life Activity

This classroom activity demonstrates how all living things are interconnected.

WebQuest: The Ocean

This lesson unit looks at ocean ecosystems and includes many links for ocean investigations.

World in Our Backyard

New England EPA Teacher Resource Center presents a number of projects and activities for teaching about the Wetland ecosystem.

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