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Just What We Want! A Rolling Ruler or A Rocking Robot?

The Task
Student Design Teams design and make a toy do just what they want! They use ideas from "Rollers and Rockers" to make rolling toys that stop at a certain point, or make rocking toys that stop after a certain amount of time.

Leading the Activity
Invite students to brainstorm their own ideas for constructing a toy that rolls or rocks. Challenge them to meet these special requirements for the toys:
Suggested materials per group might include:

(Student Design Teams should be encouraged to think of other materials that they might use and bring to class.)

  1. Select a toy type to design, either a rolling toy or a rocking toy.
  2. Brainstorm ideas for constructing the toy.
  3. List materials needed and steps for constructing the toy.
  4. Draw a diagram of the toy.
  5. Construct the toy and test it.
  6. Make any necessary modifications.
  7. Give the toy a name.
  8. Develop an advertising campaign for the toy.
  9. Display and demonstrate the toy during the classroom Toy Fair.
Range of Results
This activity is designed to be a long term project. It will require time and a series of opportunities for the Student Design Teams to meet, plan and test their ideas. The advertising campaign and Toy Fair allow Student Design Teams to experience the real-world activities of toy design and presentation to the public. The ultimate purpose of the activity is for students to creatively work together to produce a product and have FUN!



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