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Here are some pictures of what it is like here in the studio, on field shoots, and many other places.

Judi and Gary put on their hard hats and get up-close and personal with the Collosus Roller Coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain on a field shoot for the Forces and Motion module.

Judi in the studio before her show. Verlon is helping her put on her earpiece so she will be able to hear the director during the program.

This is Falven. She is the director of all
the Forces and Motion programs.

Meet Dave... He is a cameraman for many of the TEAMS programs. In this picture he is filming a "roll-in" for Judi's Forces and Motion program.

Here's Judi standing by the racecar. This field shoot was for Program 3. The program title is... Newton II: Making Things Move

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