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"Signs" of Science Project
Students keep a look out for signs in their community that deal with science. Here are a couple of signs sent in by TEAMS students. If you see a sign in your community... be sure to send it to me at the address below.

STOP sign

Stop signs tell drivers to stop. In order for cars to stop, there has to be friction between the tires and the road.

Submitted by
Bryan D.
Melvin Ave. School
Reseda, CA
Wilbur Wright

Wilbur Wright, and his brother Orville, successfully flew the first airplane in 1903. When I saw this sign, I thought of Wilbur. The brothers built the plane also. The airplane reached a speed of 30 mph on it's first flight in December, 1903.

Submitted by
Wilbur Ave. School
Tarzana, CA

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