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Forces & Motion Module At a Glance

Program Title Content Kit Materials
1 Getting to Know Newton Isaac Newton; identifying forces; Newton's 1st Law of Motion toy trucks, cardboard spring scales
2 Measuring Force Gravtational force; friction; potential & kinetic energy bricks, spring scales, sandpaper, board, washers
3 Newton II: Making Thinks Move Newton's 2nd Law of Motion toy trucks, paper cups, washers, fishing weights
4 Toys, Forces, & Motion Forces involved in the movement of toys; toy engineering & design "Toys in Space" toys
5 More About Newton: Action-Reaction Newton's 3rd Law of Motion clear plastic sheet, markers, long balloons, straws
6 Getting the Advantages: Simple Machines Simple machines & tools; levers, inclined planes washers, spring scales, wooden fulcrums
7 More About Machines Wheel & axle, gears, pulleys; components of machines systems gear materials, pulleys, pulley support board, string
8 Concept Using & Assessment Performance tasks marbles, pulleys, string, spring scales
How to Contact the Studio Teacher:
Judith Sydner-Gordon, TEAMS Distance Learning Instructor
Los Angeles County Office of Education
9300 Imperial Highway, Room 250
Downey, CA 90242-2890
Phone: 562 / 940-1634 * Fax: 562 / 922-6486


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