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Teacher Resources

Amusement Park Physics

Annenberg/CPB Learner presents an exploration of roller coaster physics. Create your own roller coaster and see how physical forces affect potential and kinetic energy.

Force on a Wing

Turn the switch on and adjust the wing angle to determine the greatest lift factor.

How Things Fly

Study the kind of forces needed to make airplanes or hot air balloons fly.

Lesson 1: Newton's First Law of Motion

This Physics Classroom tutorial page on Newton's First Law of Motion was written by science teacher, Tom Henderson.

Lesson 2: Force and its Representation

Different types of forces are explained in this tutorial from the Physics Classroom.

Lesson 3: Newton's Second Law of Motion (free fall and air resistance)

Online tutorial fom the Physics Classroom about Newton's second Law of Motion.

Lesson 4: Newton's Third Law of Motion (equal and opposite reaction)

Tom Henderson presents this tutorial on Newton's Third Law of Motion.

Machines and Work

An extensive unit for Grade 5 Science to help students experience the transfer of forces using simple machines.

Newton's Laws of Motion

From the Physics Classroom, here's the basics on Newton's laws.

Projectile Applet

Demonstrate how angle, velocity, and mass might make the distance vary for an object projected into the air.

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