"I Am" Poem


To provide a different report form for sharing family stories which highlight the resiliency traits of one member.

Writing Situation

Personal poems which encourage students to record information about a family member who demonstrated resiliency traits in a move from one place to another.


  1. Create an "I Am" Poem using the Student Handout format.
  2. This can also be part of the Family-History homework.
  3. Notice that the resiliency traits of self-reliance, self-discipline, perserverance and self-preservation are part of this poem.

Teacher Tip

An example "I Am" Poem can be provided as a model for students prior to asking them to develop their own. Public display of student poems should accompany their reading of them to the class. This procedure may necessitate you (the teacher) sharing your own personal example before students can be expected to complete it independently. Share something from your life that illustrates each of these points.

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