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Letters From Rifka Project

Students share stories about their family members who moved from another country.

Send us your Family's Story and we will post it here.


After reading Letters from Rifka, a story about a young girl's trip from Russia to America, students wrote their own stories of family members moving from one location to another. Some involve a move from one country to another, some involve a move into a new community, new home across town, or going to a new school.

You may submit your family's story, and we will include it in the list below.

Where Did Your Family Come From?


Ubah - Coming to the United States



Krystal - When My Mom Moved to Okinawa Japan
Nitika - Leaving India
Minh - My Lovely City, Hue
Michael - Coming to America
Laura - A Journey To America
Karen - Linh's Story
Thu - Coming to America
Dao - My Family Stories
Ngoc - From Vietnam to America
Vinh - Coming to the U.S.
Gerlie - Coming to America
John - Coming to America
Yuvraj - Coming From India
Anthony - My Family Story
Kathy - Coming To America
Virginia - First Time in a Strange Land
Melanie - From China to Los Angeles, California
Wendy - The Harsh Trip to a New Country
Darlene - Alex's Story



Bogdan - Coming to the United States
Earl - The Great Statue
Jack - The Move

North America

Brittany - A Calling From God
Irma - Coming to Seattle
Berenice - Coming to America
Diego - My Family's Story
Brittnee - Moving to Ontario

South America

Stacy - When I Came to Seattle

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