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Resources for Rifka

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Language Arts Resources


California Content Standards

California academic content standards are easily accessible through the San Diego County Office of Education site.

California Language Arts Contents Standards

The California Language Arts Content Standards represent a strong consensus on the skills, knowledge, and abilities all students should be able to master at specific grade levels during the school thirteen-year career.

California Standards for the Teaching Profession

This standards guideline was developed to help teachers define and develop their professional roles.

Content Standards for California Public Schools, K- 12

Content standards adopted by the California State Board of Education are available in electronic PDF or HTML versions.

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards works to strengthen the teaching profession and to improve student learning in America's schools.

National Council for the Social Studies National Standards

The Council provides a Standards and Position Statement and an abbreviated version of Expectations of Excellence. The standards are available for purchase through this site.

NCTE/IRA Standards for English Language Arts

The list of 12 standards that offer guidance for the opportunities and resources students should have in order to to develop the language skills they need.

Standards and Assessment

TEAMS provides links to standards and assessments, testing and instruction, and test-taking strategies.

State Standard Resources from TEAMS

Click on your state to find the standard resources you need.

State Standards

Click on the map to find the educational content standards for any one of the United States.

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Lessons/ Resources for Rifka

The American Family Immigration History Center at Ellis Island

Search passenger lists from ships bringing over 22 million immigrants to the U.S. between 1892 and 1924. Look at family scrapbooks or research the immigrant experience.

American Life Histories

Manuscripts from 1936- 1940 Federal Writer's Project.

American Memory

Historical Collections for the National Digital Library. Learn about America's past and immigrants' ancestors through games and activities.


This is the companion site to a PBS series on family history and genealogy. The site includes resources for beginning research along with printable family tree charts to fill out.

Author Resources for Karen Hesse

A number of links about award-winning author, Karen Hesse.

Book Adventure

Free reading motivation program for K-8 students. Students select their interests and the site will generate a personalized booklist at their reading level. Also included are over 5,400 multiple choice quizzes to check for student comprehension.

California Museum of Photography: Ellis Island Photographs: 1900-1920

A wonderful collection of photographs from Ellis Island are available at this site.

Children's Poetry Resources

TEAMS has compiled resources of poetry for children.

Electronic Archives for Teaching the American Literatures

Find essays, collaborative bibliographies, teaching materials, educational issues, and Web resources in this collection compiled and maintained by the Center for Electronic Projects in American Culture Studies (CEPACS) at Georgetown University's American Studies Program.

Ellis Island Unit

This electronic field trip teaches about the patterns and historical forces behind immigration. Five unit lessons support the use of the Internet and library resources. Other resources include a list of fiction and nonfiction books and examples of student projects.

Family Tree

Lesson plans designed for a 5th grade unit in which students create a 4-generation family tree, keep a journal, create a family crest, and write a short autobiography.

Glossary of Terms related to Judaism

Helpful glossary of terms related to Judaism.

How Do I Become a Storyteller?

Suggestions of ways to get started from Dr. Flora Joy.

How to Write a Family History

Here's a list of interview questions you can use to help you write your own story or someone else's life history.

The Immigrant Journey

Follow an immigrant's journey across the sea to America through each checkpoint at Ellis Island, as presented by Liberty State Park.

Immigration History Research Center

The materials in the center collections are largely the products of the immigrants and their descendants.

Immigration, the Living Mosaic

A look at the many different groups of people entering the United States from the late 1500's to the present. A timeline is included with links to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty.

An Interactive Tour of Ellis Island

An immigrant goes through each step of the process in passing through Ellis Island to America, brought to you by Scholastic.

Journey to America

WebQuest by Donna Kowker helps students appreciate what it was like to leave their homeland and set out on an adventure to a new life in America.

Judaism & Jewish Resources

Numerous resources to understand more about Judaism.

Learning About Immigration Through Oral History

This site was developed to give students the experience of oral history and to appreciate the process of historiography. Also included is information on the importance of oral history and guidelines for putting together an oral history project.

Map Machine

Map resources from National Geographic.

Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles, CA

This Simon Wiesenthal Center Museum has provided many resources for the classroom.

Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection

This large map collection includes historical maps.

Religious Freedom Home Page

This non-denominational, informational web site provides historical background and readable access to established laws that protect this right.

Tips for Researching Ancestors Who Immigrated

Ideas to help you find out more about your ancestors and when they immigrated.

Using Oral History: Lesson Overview

This unit provides resources to teach history through oral histories and includes teacher materials, student lesson and primary source sets.

US Holocaust Memorial Museum

Find information on current and upcoming exhibits, see the online exhibitions and explore the Holocaust Learning Center.

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Professional Development

California Language Arts SCORE Project

Resources, such as lesson plans, literature collections, assessment, portfolios, standards, and more, for language arts instruction based on the California framework.

California Reading Association

California teachers' professional reading association.

Education Index

Search with the Web Weasel through this incredible wealth of resources by subject or grade level. You will find educational resources and more at this site sponsored by CollegeView.

Electronic Archives for Teaching the American Literature

Resources to help you teach American Literature including essays, teaching material, and bibliographies.

General Language Arts Resources

Helpful resources from TEAMS.

International Reading Association

Language Arts teachers from around the world hold membership in this association. Publishes a monthly journal at each grade level which includes recommended books in all categories as well as professional articles.

National Council for the Social Studies

Professional resources and information for those who teach history/ social studies.

National Council of Teachers of English

Professional organization of English/Language Arts teachers. Publishes monthly journals including Language Arts for PreK-5, Voices from the Middle for 6-8, and the English Journal for 9-15. Each magazine contains professional articles and recommended books.

Professional Development Resources

A collection of professional organizations and conferences relevant to language arts educators.

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Booklists/ Awards


A bimonthly magazine pubished by the American Library Association. It is designed for teachers and other adults interested in connecting children with books. A valuable resource!

Booklists and Book Awards from TEAMS

TEAMS provides access to numerous booklists of award-winning titles and recommended reading.

Carter G. Woodson Book Awards

Sponsored by the National Council for the Social Studies these books are honored for their treatment of topics related to ethnic minorities and race relations sensitively and accurately.

Caldecott Awards

The history of the awards and information on the award winning books and their authors.

Children’s Literature Publications

These links refer you to publishers, booklists, and more from McGraw Hill Companies.

The History of the Newbery Awards

The history of the awards and information on the award winning books and their authors.

Newbery Award-Winning Books

Picture of the bookjackets and descriptions of all the Newbery book winners.

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Aleksandr Pushkin

Aleksandr (Sergeyevich) Pushkin (1799- 1837)

A biographical essay from the Author's Calendar.

A Collection of Poems by Aleksandr Pushkin

Translated from Russian and presented by Edward Bonver's Poetry Lover's Page.


Biographical information is contained here.

The Pushkin Page

Here you will find a short biography and the text of some of Pushkin's works in Russian and translations in English.

Short Poems by Alexander Pushkin

Translated poems in English indexed by year and alphabetically by title and first lines.

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Portfolio/ Assessment

Articles on Portfolios and Assessment

This list of available resources is from the Campus Writing Program library at Indiana University.

Assessment Portfolios

A well-worded explanation of the purposes and types of portfolios from Temple University.

Digital Portfolios

New Mexico Regional Technology Assistance Program provides these benchmark rubrics to help score student portfolios.

Electronic Portfolios

ERIC presents a look at computer-based electronic portfolios.

Portfolios for Assessment and Instruction

Power Point presentation by Roger Farr with helpful information.

Portfolios for Assessment and Instruction

This article from the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) discusses the purposes and uses of portfolios.

Self-Assessment in Portfolios

Ways to help students organize their own notebooks into portfolios.

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