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Shape Walk

The Task

Students take a walk outside to see how many shapes they can find.

Overview of Math Concept

Identifying and naming shapes.

Materials Needed:

Teacher Preparation



  1. Review names of shapes.
  2. Take students outside for a shape walk. Walk around the school or playground and see how many shapes can be found.
  3. On the walk, point out objects and have students identify the shapes they see.
  4. Encourage students to point out objects and name shapes they see.
  5. Facilitate a discussion on shapes that are found.
  6. Have students make a picture of the objects they see and identify the shapes found in that object.
  7. After returning to the classroom, recording sheets can be discussed and students can select an object to create a poster around. Have them make a picture of the object, make a picture of the shape in the object, and write about what they found.
  8. Optional: Take pictures of the objects students select. When snapshots are ready have students select a picture. They use the photo for the picture of the object in step 6.
  9. Extension: Have students make crayon rubbings of shapes they find around the school. These can be bricks, grates, fences, tiles, etc. They label the shapes. The rubbings can then be sorted and displayed.


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