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Spin a Shape

The Task

Students play a spinner game to practice using names of common shapes.

Overview of Math Concept:

Identifying and naming common shapes.

Materials Needed:

  • Spinner and Arrow Templates (below)
  • Cardstock or Cardboard
  • (1) Large Paperclip
  • Scissors & Glue
  • 2 sets of pattern blocks to match shapes on spinner
  • Spinner Materials
    Teacher Preparation:
    1. Cut out spinner face and arrow.
    2. Use the spinner face and arrow as templates to cut out a backing of cardstock or cardboard. Glue the spinner face and arrow to their backing.
    3. Cut a nickle-sized circle out of cardstock or cardboard to use as a washer.
    4. Use a hole punch to punch a hole through the spinner arrow and washer.
    5. Use a scissor point or a mat knife to make a small slit in the center of the spinner face.
    6. Open a paper clip so curved ends form a 90o angle.
    7. Assemble the spinner by putting the paper clip through the slit in the spinner face, washer, and spinner arrow.
    Directions for Playing Game:
    1. Start with a pile of Pattern Block shapes.
    2. Students take turns spinning the spinner. When spinner lands on a shape, student names that shape.
    3. If shape can be named, student removes that shape from the pile.
    4. If the student does not know the name of the shape or if the shape is no longer in the pile, play moves on to the next player.

    Spinner and Arrow templates:
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