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Trace a Face

The Task

Students look at a three dimensional figure in the classroom and name the shapes that make up its faces.

Overview of Math Concept

Finding two dimensional shapes in three dimensional figures.


Teacher Preparation

Use this activity after studying three-dimensional shapes. Before doing the activity look around the classroom and decide on a few different shapes to use. Start with easily accessible ones that are a manageable size.



  1. Have students start by looking in their desks for a rectangular prism, such as a crayon box.
  2. Ask students to name the shape. They should write the name of the object (crayon box) and the name of the shape (rectangular prism) at the top of the paper.
  3. Review the definition for faces and have students trace each face onto the paper.
  4. Label each face with the name of the shape.
  5. Repeat, using other objects.
  6. As students understand the process, allow them to move around the room on their own, finding objects, labeling them, and drawing their faces.


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