Involvement Links:

The Busy Parent's Guide to Involvement in Education

The National PTA offers suggestions to busy parents on getting involved with their children, teachers and school community. Also included are tips for motivating children to do well in school.

Getting Involved in Your Child's Education

This site encourages parents to get involved in their child's school and offers answer to the questions: Why participate? What will be gained? Who will it benefit and how can you help?

Getting Parents Involved: Your Rights, Duties, and Responsibities

The Center for Literacy at the University of Illinois at Chicago provides these ideas to help parents know about theri rights and responsibilities, as well as how to get needed information.

Latino Families: Getting Involved in Your Children's Education

The U.S. Department of Education and the National Parent Information Network provide ideas on how to help your child at home and at school. Also included are suggestions on what do if there are problems at school. This site is also available is Spanish: Latinas Participando en la educacion de sus hijos

National Coalition for Parent Involvement in Education

Working to create more effective family-school partnerships to increase student achievement, empower parents, and support classroom teachers.

A New Understanding of Parent Involvement

A Conference Report from the U.S. Department of Education including articles on types of parent involvement, time management strategies, current research, creating partnerships, involving fathers, and making education eveybody's business.

No Child Left Behind

Be informed! This summary is designed to help parents understand the NCLB act of 2001 and its impact on education.

Parent Involvement at the Middle School Level

Article answering questions like: What is middle school? What are middle school students like? What can parents do to help children have success at home? At school? Why is it important for parents to be involved?

Partnership for Family Involvement in Education

Supports increasing family participation in children's learning, by developing family, school, and community resources and making available resources, ideas, funding and conferences.


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