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Strategies for Constructing Meaning
and Monitoring Understanding

The strategies--predicting, questioning, clarifying, and summarizing--help students construct meaning from text and monitor their reading to ensure that they are understanding what they read. Duplicate the set of cards below, developed by Kathie Babigian, as a helpful guide for students.


  I think ____________________________

  I bet ______________________________

  I wonder __________________________

  I predict ________________________


  • Let's look at the title and all the visual clues on the page. What do you think we will be reading about?
  • Thinking about what we have read and discussed, what do you think might happen next?


  I'm curious about _______________

  I wonder _____________________

  Who? _______________________

  What? _______________________

  When? ______________________

  Why? _______________________


  • One question I had about what I read was...
  • What question(s) can you ask about what you read?
  • What were you thinking about as you were reading?




This is confusing to me. I need to ________ (reread, slow down, look at the pictures or graphs, try to figure out this word, etc.

What I'm thinking is __________________ but that isn't making sense. I need to ______________________________.


  • One of the words I wasn't sure about was
  • What other words do we know that we can use in place of ...?
  • What words or ideas need clarifying for you?



In my own words, this is about ___________________________

The main point was _____________________________________

The author wanted me to remember ____________________________________


  • What does the author want us to remember or learn from this passage?
  • What is the most important information in this passage?
  • What kind of "teacher " question can you ask about the main idea?


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