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Rhyming Words Activities

The Task

Children identify words that rhyme in a series of activities. For example, "Put your thumbs up if these two words rhyme--pail-tail or cow-pig?" or "Finish this rhyme, red, bed, blue, ______."


  1. Snap and Clap Rhymes
  2. Begin with a simple clap and snap rhythm.
  3. Get more complex as children move along in rhyming.
    Clap  ClapSnap  fallClap  ClapSnap  ball
    Clap  ClapSnap  hallClap  ClapSnap  small
  4. A variation is the "I say, You say" game:
  5. I say fat.You say _____.I say red.You say _____.

  6. Rhyming Word Sit Down
  7. Children walk around in a big circle taking one step each time a rhyming word is said by the teacher.
  8. When the teacher says a word that doesn't rhyme, the children sit down:
  9. shetreefleaspreekeybeeseawent

  10. Rhyming words in songs, poems, and big books
  11. As you do shared reading with the students, pause at the end of phrases and let the students supply the rhyming words.
  12. After you have read the poem together ask students to find the rhyming words.
  13. Generate other words that rhyme with these rhyming words.
  14. Silly Rhymes Big Book
  15. Use rimes (roots of word families) and rhyme charts around the classroom to create silly poems with the class.
  16. Write the one line rhyme with the whole class in big letters on large chart paper (Shared Writing).
  17. Read aloud several times.
  18. Use different voices. Have children sound and clap words.
  19. Have a child illustrate the rhyme.
  20. Repeat each week for another set of rimes.


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