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Teaching Phonemic Segmentation

The Task

Children learn to count the sounds in a word. For example, "Can you count the syllables or the word parts in football?"


  1. Rubber Band Stretch
  2. Teacher models with a large rubber band how to stretch out a word as the word is said. /mmmmmmmm-/aaaaaaaaaaaa-/nnnnnnnnn/
  3. Teacher models with stretched out band how to bring rubber band back to original length and says the word fast: /man/.
  4. Children pretend to stretch rubber bands as they say the sounds in different words.
  5. Stretchy Names
  6. Children and teacher clap and say a verse for each child in class:
  7. Children and teacher say the next child's name very slowly, stretching palms far apart as the word is stretched; RRRR-eeeee-bbbb-eee-ckckckck-aaa.
  8. Clap once quickly and say name fast: "Rebecca."
  9. Sound Boxes
  10. After children can do "rubber band stretch," teacher shows students how to make sound boxes on their papers or lap boards.
  11. They learn to say a word, stretching it out, and then slide a marker into each box as they hear each sound or phoneme.
  12. A Song to Teach Phonemic Segmentation
    Listen, listen to my word,
    Then tell me all the sound you heard: race
    /r/ is one sound
    /a/ is two,
    /s/ is last in race it's true.
    Thanks for listening to my word
    And telling all the sounds you heard!


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