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Teaching Syllable Segmentation

The Task

Children participate in a series of activities that help them realize that words are made up of syllables. For example, "Can you count the syllables or the word parts in football?"


  1. Syllable Clap
  2. Talk with children about why knowing about syllables can help them when they read and write.
  3. Ask them to clap with you as you say these words:
  4. sunshinevacationdelicious dinner
    astronautalphabetcommunication calendar
    schoolwonderfulmerry-go-round television

  5. Syllable Count
  6. Have children clap for each syllable you say.
  7. Begin with two or three syllable words and build up to longer words with more syllables:
  8. airplaneairplane 2
    tabletable 2
    porcupineporcupine 3
    communicationcommuni cation 5


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