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Phoneme Awareness Assessment Tools:

Phoneme Blending Assessment


I am going to say all the sounds I hear in a word. I want you to tell me the word that you hear when you put these sounds together. You say it fast. Let me show you.


If I say /p/ /i/ /g/ the word is . . .pig.


Now try to put the sounds together with me. Say it fast. If I say /c/ /a/ /t/ What word do you say? Yes, the word is . . . cat.


Listen to the sounds and tell me the word those sounds make.


Blending Individual Sounds

Blending individual speech sounds is the most difficult blending task, but also the most important one for children to master.

This skill will be needed when students learn to match sounds to symbols and decide unknown words in their reading.

If you have questions, click on this link to Patti's Discussion Group and post your question or concern. You will receive feedback from Patti and other teachers who are using this assessment tool with their students.



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Assessment designed by Dr. Adria Klein,
Professor at CSU San Bernardino