Helpful Information About Projects

A good project always begins with planning and decision-making on issues such as the type of project, whether to join an existing project or design your own. The links below provide helpful information on planning, organizing, and implementing an Internet project.

Common Types of K-12 Internet Projects
Guidelines for Designing an Internet Project
Subscribe to a Mailing List that Posts Internet Projects
Post Your Project
More Information about Internet Projects

Common Types of Internet Projects

In the Kitchen: Designs for Tellecollaboration and Telepresence

Learn about interpersonal communication, information collection and analysis, and problem solving with examples of each.

NickNacks: Telecollaborative Learning Around the World

NickNacks provides strategies for educators, including practical tips on exchanging files, leading or participating in a successful project, Internet tools and resources, and sample.

Sample Curriculum-Based K-12 Educational Telecomputing Projects

Judi Harris provides samples of each of the types of project in her classification structure.

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Guidelines for Designing an Internet Project

Creating Successful Internet Projects

This professional development project comes from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It offers project templates, resources, and helpful tips for creating a collaborative classroom project using the Internet.

Filamentality User Guide

Design projects with ease using Filamentality's templates and guidelines.

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Subscribe to a Mailing List that Posts Internet Projects

Electronic Mailing Lists and E-Mail-Based Projects

List of listserves you can join for discussions, ideas, tips and project resources.

Kidsphere Mailing List

Intercultural Email Classroom Connections

To find teachers who want partners for an Internet project, subscribe to this list. To subscribe, use this link, or send an email message to "" and in the body, type: subscribe iecc & Your Name (First and Last).

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Post Your Project

Classroom Connect: Teacher Contact Database

A database of teachers looking for other teachers who want to do collaborative projects.

Global SchoolNet Project Registry

Register your project and find many teachers who want to take part in your project.

Houghton Mifflin's Project Center

You can publicize your online project here by filling in the online Project Submission Form.

Kidsphere Mailing List

To post your project, you must subscribe to the Kidsphere mailing list. To subscribe to this mailing list, send an email message to "" and in the body, type: subscribe kidsphere & Your Name (First and Last).

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More about Collaborative Internet Projects

Collaboration in the Classroom and Over the Internet

An excellent article by Yvonne Andres about the collaborative process, breaking it into three phrases: before, during, and after collaboration. If you're planning a collaborative project, be sure to read this one.

Guide to Appropriate Giving

The Disaster Response Committee from InterAction provides these tips for those who want to help relief efforts throughout the world.

Organizing Electronic Network-Based Instructional Interactions: Successful Strategies and Tactics
A more academic description of how to design and implement an Internet project.

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