TEAMS looked for the farthest flying airplanes throughout the nation -- the best from each class! Students sent in the written directions (diagrams are acceptable) for folding their airplane so it could be built for the "fly-off" contest.



  • Each student or group folded an airplane using the design rules (below).
  • The classroom teacher held a "fly-off" (preferably indoors) to determine the 1st place plane in the class.
  • We suggested names be written on the plane for identification.
  • Once the class's 1st place plane was determined, their entry was submitted.

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Design Rules:

  • Students use only regular 8-1/2" x 11" paper (recycled is preferable).
  • No tape, clips, or staples can be used.
  • No cuts are allowed in the design of the
    airplane; paper must remain intact.

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