Great Paper Airplane Activities

Find out about Paper Airplanes from these sites:

Paper Airplane Activity

Resources provided by NASA for building paper planes.

Paper Airplane Hangar

Information on paper airplane safety, tips on making and flying paper airplanes, and a step by step guide to building planes.

Paper Airplane Launcher

Two students figure out a way to launch their paper airplanes.

Paper Air Machines

Step-by-step instruction for the expert to the novice on creating wide varieties of complex aircraft from a simple sheets of white standard paper.


Find directions to make "The best paper airplane system in the world".


Step-by-step design of this favorite paper airplane.

YES Mag Flyer

Clear instruction and easy to follow illustrations from the Canadian Science Magazine for children...Yes Mag

Aerospace Museums... History of Flight

Landings: Aviation Museums/History

An extensive collection of links to museums and aviation history sites

First Flight

This site is dedicated to Wilbur and Orville Wright and their first attempts at flight.

Planes of Fame

One of the first air museums in the United States.

San Diego Aerospace Museum

Read up on the history of flight.

Information and photos on Origami

A Paper Folding Project

Origami Photo Gallery

Joseph Wu's Origami Photo Page

General Information on Aerodynamic Designs

An Introduction to Aerodynamics

An explanation with diagrams including basic dimensions, derived dimensions, scalars and vectors, and relationships in coordinate systems.

What is Aeronautics?

Learn more about the science of flight, how and why airplanes fly, why we need different types of airplanes, and more from this NASA site.

Lesson Plans for Paper Airplanes

Enterprising Paper Planes

A WebQuest for 4th grade science designed by Marianne Childress.

"Free Flight" Model Testing

How did you make it? How does it fly? Can you make it fly better?

Paper Airplane Science

A downloadable lesson plan on paper airplanes.

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