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The Task
Students work in groups and record the numbers that come up on each of the 4 spinners. As one student spins, the other records the results on the tally sheet. As students record their results, they begin to see a relationship between the design of the spinner and the outcomes that result from the spins. The purpose of this project is to collect as large a sample as possible so a comparison can be made between the classroom data and the national data.

Materials Needed:


  1. Students work with a partner, each student takes 25 spins on Spinners A, B, C, and D, keeping a tally on the Spinner Tally Sheet.
  2. The teacher records the groups' data for each spinner on the Class Tally Sheet.
  3. Submit these final classroom tallies to Jeannie at TEAMS Distance Learning. (See below)
  4. Results were posted on this project page and announced on Program A.8 on October 18, 1996.

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