The Task:
Students identify problems and concerns they have in their schools, cities and communities that they care enough about to work to make a difference. After brainstorming and researching possible solutions to the problems, students devise a plan of action which includes writing persuasive letters to influential people and begin to implement their plans. Be creative - aim for the stars - no idea is too small as long as something gets done.

  1. In collaborative groups, brainstorm issues that concern you and are relevant to you and your community.
  2. As a group, select the issue you feel strongest about and to which you can realistically contribute to the solution by developing and implementing an action plan.
  3. Research possible solutions to the problem, and if possible, communicate with others in communities across the world, via email, who are working on solving similar problems.
  4. As homework, ask parents, grandparents, and community leaders for their ideas on solving the problems.
  5. Use our list of related links, Get Involved With People Who Care Enough To Make A Difference, for additional resources to finding a solution to your problem or concern.
  6. From your final list of possible solutions, selects one solution to develop in a persuasive letter to a key person--someone who has the power to help solve the problem.
  7. Brainstorm various persuasive positions you might take in addressing the problem to your key figure, decide on the most powerful, and write and send the letter.
  8. Develop a plan of action and begin implementing it.
  9. Send copies of your action plan and letter to TEAMS to post here to share with TEAMS teachers and students across the country. Specify the nature of the selected problem, its relevance to you and the community, the suggested solution, and the persuasive letter you sent to an influential person. Also let us know the results of your action plan. You can make a difference!
  10. Be sure to include pictures of your group at work.
  11. Keep a weekly journal reflecting your progress and experiences.
  12. Send in a summary to receive your certificate for being a "CARING KID." See below, "How You Can Send In Your Results".

How You Can Send In Your Results:
Fill out the Results Form, linked here.

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