Assessment Tools

Phonemic Awareness Assessment Tools

It is best to assess children individually and frequently throughout the year. Explicit systematic instruction can then take place in small groups according to student need.

Recognizing Rhyme Assessment
Here are two different versions of the Rhyming Assessment tool:
Recognizing Rhyme Assessment
(No QuickTime movie)

Recognizing Rhyme Assessment
QuickTime movie version: Watch Patti do a demonstration of the rhyme assessment

Isolating Beginning Sounds

Isolating Final Sounds

Phoneme Blending Assessment
Yopp-Singer Test of Phonemic Segmentation
Phoneme Segmentation Assessment
(No QuickTime required)
Phoneme Segmentation Assessment
(QuickTime movie version: Watch Patti demonstrate the assessment.

Concepts About Print

Concepts about Print Assessment
No QuickTime version
Concepts about Print Assessment
QuickTime version: Watch Patti demonstrate the assessment
Alphabet Assessment
Phonics Inventory
Learning Record
The Learning Record is an open record of literacy achievement, K-12, maintained and monitored by the classroom teacher to provide evidence that students are moving toward agreed upon goals and standards.
Reading Scale 1 - K-3: Becoming a Reader (English)

Spelling Development
These two tests, the primary and elementary spelling inventories, are designed to assess the word knowledge elementary students have to bring to the tasks of reading and spelling.


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