Case Study of Kelsey, a First Grade Student
by Pam Williams

April 21, 1999

Teacher comments:

Kelsey is a first grade Literacy Group student that has been receiving small group pull-out reading instruction since October. She was identified at the end of kindergarten and the beginning of first grade by her classroom teachers. She has made good progress in reading, moving from a Level 2 to a level 12. However, her first grade teacher is still concerned about her writing skills and her difficulty with segmenting sounds in order to write words. The classroom teacher has used Elkonin boxes to help Kelsey hear the individual phonemes in the words that she wants to write. She also has Kelsey use a lap-size white board so she can practice writing words and sentences before she writes them down on paper. A Student Study Team met in February to evaluate Kelsey’s progress and to address some of the classroom teacher’s concerns regarding Kelsey’s writing difficulties. it was suggested that Kelsey be evaluated by the site psychologist to determine her eligibility for special education services (RSP).

Assessment Results:

  1. Kindergarten Exit Assessments:
    (Letter Identification) LID- 43/54
    (Hearing Sounds in Words) Dictation-17/37
    Leveled Text Reading-Level 2@ 90% accuracy

  2. MidYear 1st Grade Benchmark Assessments:
    Leveled Text Reading-Level 4 @ 95% accuracy
    (Hearing Sounds in Words) Dictation-29/37

  3. Ongoing Assessments:
    Weekly Running Records- Level 11 @ 97% accuracy
    - Level 12 @ 93% accuracy
    Sight Word Assessment-90/100 words-90% accuracy

Lesson Plan:

Familiar Reading-Decodable text from last lesson. Take a running record. Word Work-Read list of 100 sight words. Compare results to previous assessment. Reteach words read incorrectly. Making Words- Kelsey continues to have difficulty with vowel sounds-specifically long vs short. The “oo” sound seems to also cause her difficulty. A making words lesson that sorts for “oo” & short o - culminating in the word balloons. Writing Activity- Writing some of the words from the making words lesson, specifically reinforcing the “oo” sound. Teaching Kelsey to visually discriminate between words with one “o” & short “o” sounds that were taught in the making words lesson.


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