Case Study of David, a Kindergarten Student
by Pam Williams

April 21, 1999

Teacher comments:

David is a kindergarten student who was identified by his classroom teacher after a midyear assessment for LID. The kindergarten teacher expressed concerns that David was making slow progress learning the names and sounds of letters. David participated in some small group lessons in the classroom that focused on letter/sound connections. He also worked 1-to-1 with the classroom aide on letter identification. After assessing David, I found that his letter/ sound identification scores reflected some areas of difficulty for him specifically vowel sounds. However, his phonemic awareness skills were strong. He could easily hear rhymes and he could isolate beginning and ending consonant sounds. He did have difficulty with segmenting phonemes in words as evidenced by his score on the Yopp-Singer Test of Phonemic Segmentation. David moved to our district in the summer, prior to entering kindergarten he had speech IEP in place from his previous district, although he had been exited from their speech services. After meeting David and assessing his phonemic awareness, as well as his letter identification, I felt strongly that he could benefit from small group or 1-to-1 instruction that would explicitly teach the vowel sounds that were causing him some confusion. David appeared eager to please, and ready to attempt the many tasks that I presented to him. He responded well to positive praise, and he was able to stay focused and attentive for 15-20 minutes of assessments.

Assessment Results:

Alphabet Assessments (Letter Identification) Fall Lid-15/54 Mid Year Lid-31/54 (Letter Identification) Spring Lid-48/52 Sound Recognition-45/52. Yopp Singer (Phonemic Segmentation)-10/22 David could consistently segment two phonemes, but had difficulty segmenting more than that. However, he showed evidence of being able to segment by onset and rime. Recognizing Rhyme Assessment- 7/8 Beginning Sounds Assessment-10/10 Final Sound Assessment-8/10.

Lesson Plan:

Letter/Sound Correspondence:

    1. Review letters and sounds using the Zoophoincs hand signals.
    2. Review the letter E/e using a Dominie Press Letter Book.

Phonemic Awareness:

    1. Play “Oddman Out”-Identify pictures that begin with the target sound “e” eliminating those that don’t begin with the target sound.
    2. Play “Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down”-Isolate the target sound “e” in CVC words that contain the target sound “e”.


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